Streamlining surgical services

How can you be sure that the tools which suit your members also fulfill your goals as insurers? By aligning incentives and keeping patients accountable, you achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings while also adding value to your healthcare offering.

MedWell Solutions is your group purchasing destination for the most innovative healthcare tools.

Raising standards, reducing costs

Finding the right services to support your members' surgical recovery and deliver effective patient education can be a chore. MedWell's broad range of cutting-edge services aims to fulfil a single clear goal: to prevent re-admissions.

When hospitals and nursing staff discharge patients, our tools maintain a path of recovery with informational care guides. MedWell's solutions along the continuum of care incentivize patients to ensure they are compliant, help them to manage their care, and improve the transparency of data. successful post-operative recovery reduces the costs to insurer.

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Member-led strategy

We are committed to redefining the fundamental functioning relationship between patients, clinicians, healthcare facilities, manufacturers, and insurance companies. Our Member-led strategy holds the patient at its center while reducing insurer costs and increasing the quality of care.

Choose tools that benefit you and your members


PACE Advantage
P.A.C.E Advantage: Personalized, Accountable, Compliant Education. PACE helps patients to understand their plan of care, to identify and manage potential complications, and reduce hospital re-admission, PACE incentivizes patients to become accountable for their surgical preparation, ensuring compliance and streamlining the treatment process.
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Support for members along the continuum of care, including those living in remote communities or with reduced mobility utilizes a single “EMR/EHR” based system. CareScriptions® supports the No Gaps—Stay In Touch premise to minimize re-admissions and allow instant access to surgical information. Features include video calling, calendar/appointment reminders, imaging capture, medication education and information, PRO surveys & daily checklists.
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BODi - "Born On" for Devices and Implants - tracks these essential surgical devices from manufacture through their useful life. This helps to reduce failure rates, improves quality, and lowers the overall costs of surgery.
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