Supporting your family healthcare decisions

You may be facing surgery yourself, dealing with care for your kids, or working with older relatives to find assisted living support or even a place for mom. MedWell Solutions can help you to make informed choices for your family's healthcare and manage your treatment and surgical recovery alongside health professionals. Our member-driven Patient Care strategy empowers you with the information you need as healthcare members, and our solutions give you a voice in healthcare decision making.

Take control of your care

The best treatment outcomes result from you, the patient, being in control of the choices that are made for your care. Full involvement in decision making, opportunities to practice effective self care, and support for you and your family underpin the MedWell Solutions ethos.

Self-care also reduces surgical cost, an important factor in insurer treatment decisions. Speak to your wellness program leaders, insurers and clinicians about reducing costs with MedWell's range of solutions.

We work with your team to make sure you have the best possible surgical recovery. We have specialist knowledge in the fields of:

  • Spinal
  • Orthopedic
  • Neurosurgery
  • Ob/Gyn
  • Pediatric care
  • Plastic / reconstructive surgery
  • Chiropractic care
  • Support for assisted living

No matter what your medical challenge, MedWell can work with you, your family, and your professional healthcare team too.

How do you want to engage with your care team?

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BODi™ - "Born On" for Devices and Implants - tracks these essential surgical devices from manufacture through their useful life. This helps to reduce failure rates, improves quality, and lowers the overall costs of surgery. Speak to your healthcare team about using BODi™.
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P.A.C.E Advantage is Personalized, Accountable, Compliant Education for you and your family. It empowers you to get involved in care decisions and build your self-confidence in surgical recovery. Treatment is more successful for active participants in the care process, and with P.A.C.E you can develop your understanding and improve your care outcomes.
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Do you struggle to attend medical office appointments? Residents living in rural areas or remote communities, and those who have reduced mobility or access to transportation, can attend appointments virtually. CareScriptions® allows you to communicate and report between your care team and specialist on a consistent cycle. CareScriptions can be accessed through your healthcare team, or you can purchase directly as part of your self-care strategy.
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