BODiLooking for a better way to streamline the implant tracking process, improving workflow and ensuring compliance?

Medwell's BODi™ reduces the need for error-prone data entry and provides a solution that is completely automated throughout the chain of custody and beyond. By implementing our BODi™ tracking system, hospitals, surgery centers, and manufacturers will recognize annual savings while meeting strict compliance regulations and improving patient outcomes.

Benefits of using BODi™

  • Real-time access to shipment status
  • Ability to track implant by lot, serial or QR code in seconds
  • Time-stamped detailed information
  • Improved workflow outcomes and reduced waste
  • Expiration date / activity alerts

Distributorship benefits

  • Manage case, orders, and inventory the field from your mobile device
  • Ensure correct inventory arrives on time, every time
  • Spend more time selling and less time wrangling inventory for upcoming cases
  • Transparency and Safety
spinal implant

The BODi™ system tracks implants from the moment they enter circulation and through surgical procedures. Our software monitors a medical implant’s cycle throughout its useful life, from the time manufactured, through procedures where it may be sterilized and re-sterilized, from the to storage, and ultimately to use. By determining the amount of time that an implant has been under radiation, we also reduce the risk to patients and cost to insurers of a less durable product



Reducing provider costs

Currently, insurers who reimburse hospitals for implants are paying twice the amount hospitals are paying for the devices. Commercial insurers can expect to pay $10k for knee implants, while hospitals paid $5k to receive it.

By reducing waste, increasing transparency, and managing the purchasing and handling of implants, MedWell Solutions passes cost savings and efficiencies to the provider and the patient.