pacePACE Advantage was created by MedWell Solutions to keep members engaged in their surgery education and increase motivation for compliance purposes. Member are motivated to carefully read the material presented in CareScriptions™ (education platform), play a game to enhance their memory of the material, and in return earn rewards.
The activities focus on promoting improved health, preventing injuries and illnesses. PACE includes 3 activities:

  • Pre-Surgery Activity
  • Post-Surgery Activity
  • Pre-op checklist completion

With this software, our members are better engaged and prepared for their upcoming surgery.

Evidence Supporting patient engagement and motivation for education:
Research has shown that interactive activities are dynamic learning environments that can motivate users to achieve, and can instill confidence, stimulate thinking and problem solving, and successfully support the development of new knowledge, skills, and behavior.
The central motivating feature of PACE Advantage is the goal it sets for the users. Learning that occurs in the process of attempting to reach a goal or reward (both extrinsic and intrinsic) can increase users’ interest, motivation to learn, and learning outcomes.