Empowering patients to get involved

By combining our healthcare expertise with exclusive technology and a highly skilled team, we help clinicians and patients achieve their care and recovery goals. Our solutions are developed in-house and with carefully chosen partners to improve clinical outcomes and patient experiences, and reduce organizational costs.


P.A.C.E Advantage is Personalized, Accountable, Compliant Education for you and your family. It empowers you to get involved in care decisions and build your self-confidence in surgical recovery. Treatment is more successful for active participants in the care process, and with P.A.C.E you can develop your understanding and improve your care outcomes.
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Do you struggle to attend medical office appointments? Residents living in rural areas or remote communities, and those who have reduced mobility or access to transportation, can attend appointments virtually. CareScriptions® allows you to communicate and report between your care team and specialist on a consistent cycle. CareScriptions can be accessed through your healthcare team, or you can purchase directly as part of your self-care strategy.
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